Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something different ...

So .. a break from Simple Kindness Tuesday .. I was tagged (too many times) on FaceBook for 25 Random Things about me ... so here it is:

1. I am Dutch, but I have never lived in Holland. (okay .. it was for 3 months, but that doesn't count.)
2. I used to speak Farsi ..Bahasa .. some German .. some Spanish .. and now only speak Dutch and English .. (*sigh* getting old really doesn't work!)
3. I have three older sisters, and last year we reunited .. it was our first EVER, just the four of us .. no husbands, kids or parents .. since 1976! We have vowed to do it annually
4. I miss my sisters tremendously
5. I have adopted Maine as my home, it is where I have lived the longest (8 years) ..I left it briefly for 2.5 years.. but have returned .. :)
6. I have monkey toes .. they can grab things ..
7. I thank my mother for my toes .. she has them too!
8. I love red wine
9. I love red wine with dark chocolate more
10. I love red wine, with chocolate, chocolate chip cake even more!
11. I am not a big shopper, spending money stresses me out
12. Stick me in a kayak, and let me paddle the lakes instead
13. Okay .. I also like to run ..
14. I miss authentic Indonesian food
15. Clarence was my stuffed lion that I have had since 1974 .. I just recently brought him out in the world again... (minus an eye, and now a nose, since my dog ate it!)
16. My goal is to run until I am 80
17. I have a "photo-bucket list"
18. I listened to country music while I lived in Texas, and loved it!
19. Now I listen to everything BUT country!
20. I believe things happen for a reason, more often to prepare you for what is to come
21. I believe in always asking, because "no" is the answer if you don't ask
22. I believe that Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges, new answers and new opportunities .. how exciting!
23. I am grateful to my parents for the opportunity that they gave me growing up, living in the countries and experiencing the cultures, and wished I hadn't taken it for granted!!
24. I would love to, just once, take an all inclusive trip to a beautiful beach .. and just be

My sisters and me

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tommie said...

hey chickie...I never realized how much you all look alike!

miss you...when is your laptop getting fixed?