Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday #3

It's Sunday again .. and thanks to Carla's Sacred Life Sunday
and her blog about what connects her to her Spirit .. in my modification, I will post weekly for the next 30 weeks (well.. this is my third post .. so 27 more weeks), pictures what makes my inner self celebrate.

I enjoy picture taking .. I was given my first camera on my 10th birthday. It was an Olympus, with the one man, two man and three man setting. The flashcube slid on top .. have I dated the camera?

This camera is my last 35mm. We bought it when I was pregnant with Noah .. It took wonderful pictures, but the summer when we moved to Texas, it finally just gave up. I currently use a Sony .. which I like a lot .. but am sooooo ready for my Canon Rebel!

My Rebel

So here are a few of my favorites .. actually, this blog came about because of favorite pictures and inner self happiness .. so grab a cup of coffee and go back to the beginning when Tommie first showed me how to get started!

Even though the clarity isn't here, these five buses represent soldiers arriving back from Iraq. Every time I was on post, and saw them, I would just start wailing like a baby. For a great story see Tommie's Tuesday Update and check out her blog dated 12/19/07.

Flowers are fun .. they are unique and have their own beauty ..

Amsterdam ..sooo much character

I love, love, love fall in Maine!

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tommie said...

oh girlie....this made me cry to go back and look at all that. Even though he has been back a year, it seems like yesterday! Dang, I am so freaking hormonal.....I think I am leaking again!