Thursday, August 7, 2008

ABC's of the day ...

I am completely copying Tommie for today's blog! She is my inspiration and motivator when it comes to the world of blog!! (also with other things .... wine, baked goods ....... why did you have to move??)

5:15 AM start of the day,
By rolling and limping out of bed.
Contact lenses in, a sure way of waking me up ..
Demi lifts her head, as if in utter disgust at the
Early movement of the day.
Finally, I'm out the door,
Grimacing at the already 75 degree temperature and
Humid day. My
I-pod turns on and Michael
Kicks in with PYT (Pretty Young Thing .... not something I am feeling at this point!)
Losing myself in my run, I think about the Army Ten
Miler that I was able to sign up for this year! (another one of my goals!!)
Never did I think I could get in for this year's race ..
oh, by the way . .. did I mention, Hood
Poison Ivy is the name of the team that I will be running with!
Quite an adjustment for me .. I like individual sports over team sports when it comes to participation..
Running along, I saw THREE
Shooting stars!
Truly! Never have I seen shooting stars ...they were so clear! I made a wish on the first one, but by the time shooting star two and three came along ... my thoughts were focused on trying to
Why I love to run ... oh "Waterloo" (by ABBA ... did I mention Mamma Mia???)comes on,
eXcitement kicks in once again .. there is something about their music ..
Yes! Another run accomplished ..... this is my favorite part ..there is a
Zen like state that comes over me for the rest of the day! I can tackle ALMOST anything!

1 comment:

tommie said...

first- so happy to be your inspriation!

second- you could totally do the 10miler. I know a girl there doing the training. (remember Jaime - the one whose 4ID dad is the bigwig)....don't worry, she is just a runner too...NOT worried about rank. when's the race?

shooting stars? I think the last time I saw them was in college. Call me and I'll share when...LOL...quite a memorable time!