Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recap of last week ..

So last week was a crazy week in our household for a multitude of reasons ... I haven't felt much like blogging lately .. but then again, I haven't felt much of anything lately. Not only did my creative juices stop flowing, but so did my ambition to run (!!) ... it was a big bunch of things combined ...I'd like to think I had the "no name bug" .. it zapped my energy and just made me feel tired. Monday was our 19th anniversary ... we celebrated quietly going out for dinner to a new restaurant in Belton called Dead Fish Grill. It reminded us of being in Maine .. it was a wet rainy evening, the view looked out on the lake. They had to keep all windows closed because of the weather! (Go figure .. even in Texas!)
Then when we came home, I received notification that our previous home in Maine was for sale again ... I almost cried on the spot! Seeing the pictures ... some of the improvements they did .. the brand new kitchen my husband had built .. it made for a very tough evening!

On Tuesday I had to do a lot of running around between the kids needing pick ups and drop offs and appointments. Wednesday Demi was finally spayed ... we were hoping for a less energetic dog .. still waiting ..
Thursday was a mild day at work .. and Friday I got a call from my ever loving son ... letting me know he was ready to be picked up .. 20 minutes early .. "but not a big deal, I can wait .. and, oh by the way, I may need stitches in my arm." Please understand, this is my son who broke both his wrists (separately) .. but on a pain scale of 1 to 10, he thought he was a 6 .. had him in ICU for 2 days due to a severe asthma attack .. but when asked by the doctor 'how do you feel?' "i feel fine ..." .... so when I got off the phone with him, I looked at my manager and said "don't think I will be back after lunch today .." ... six hours and, 8 stitches later son has another ER visit he can add to his repertoire!
So, I am hoping this coming week will bring better energy ... Saturday I managed to kick the "no name bug" to the curb, and ran 8 miles .. I plan to run this whole week .. because in less than one week I am running in the 10k Nike Human Race!! ... and don't forget .. SCHOOL STARTS ... heehaw!!

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tommie said...

I think the full moon through everyone I know (not too many people here but enough) into a major funk! I hope it passes quickly!