Friday, July 4, 2008

Belated Tackled Tuesday ..

So a few days late .. I finally managed to tackle a project that has weighed on me. It is a two part series though; completing the first part is always the hardest since it is foreign territory. We all know is the procrastination of any new project that will add days, weeks or (Heaven forbid) MONTHS to completion. Once the path has been created, however, .. you'll know by the time you hit part II .. the lessons from Part I will allow you to forge ahead and complete Part II with ease and a sense of accomplishment. (and hopefully less time!)
So this project .. sewing snap buttons to the kids' duvet covers. Back in .... oh, February, we had changed all their bedroom furniture, and bedding. We switched from blankets to light weight comforters .. with covers since neither child likes a top sheet (how do you not like fresh crisp cotton top sheets in your bed??) Well, these covers came with giant openings to slip the comforters in .. well ... what goes in, must also come out - if not fastened properly. I was tired of seeing half of the comforter hanging out of their cover ... so snap on button to close the gaping hole! I was not raised to sew, iron .. (dust, vacuum, clean .. get the picture?) so to actually tackle this project was .."like WOW!"! I accomplished Alet's duvet cover, now I need to do Noah's, Part II of the series. Hopefully this pain staking project will take less time .. it took 11 minutes per pair of snap on buttons ..there were 9 buttons. It helped that I had music from 1978 playing, and IM'ing with my sister at the same time.

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tommie said...

you go girl! You know if I were there I would have helped you. Happy 4th!