Monday, July 14, 2008

I discovered ...

Monday morning, 5 A.M. the alarm went off ... time for a run. We just got off of a vacation week, where getting up before 7:30 was unheard of (except for the SeaWorld day when Sgt. Dad made the "troops" get up at 6 A.M. so that we could be on the road for 7 and at the gates of SeaWorld at 10 .... tell that to teenagers who are taking full advantage of the fact that it is summer and they do not need to rise out of their beds before 11 A.M. .. THAT is another story for a different blog!!)
Okay .. so 5 am, run, go to work ... ah yes, it is Monday! Now that I am enduring my third summer in Texas, (okay .. I lied .. last summer I spent almost 11 weeks in Maine ~ one of my best summers EVER .. but that is another story for a different blog!)I have learnt that if you would like to run, then the best time to run is either at 5 A.M. or 9 P.M. when the sun is not hanging in the sky. Before we moved to Texas, and still living in Maine, I would run at 5:15 A.M. .. mostly because that was when I could get my run in .. .. and that was the main reason .. but here,
I discovered that running at 5 is simply just peaceful. It's just me, the road and the wind..
I discovered that in the dark no one can see me ... (they may hear me .. but they can't see me!)
I discovered that music sounds better in the dark, it energizes more in the dark .. it makes you want to sing and dance in the dark .... because NO ONE CAN SEE YOU! (hear you ... but NOT see you!!)
I have a full library of 70's and 80's songs thanks to my good friend Bob. There is no substitute to running to The Police .. ELO ..but today,
I discovered that Michael Jackson's PYT made Mile 3 feel like Mile 1 .. and that I could keep running ... (although I couldn't because work was calling me to get ready ... and further more, the sun would be rising shortly)....
soo .... what was supposed to be a dreary 3 mile run on Monday turned out to be a fabulous 4 mile jaunt...
A good friend said to me once "don't stop running ..." ... NEVER .. for me running is my peace and tranquility .. it is the one moment that I can just be.. today,
I discovered that I truly love to run.
I hope that I can be one of those 80 year old women, hobbling along, maybe not running a marathon, but certainly a fun run/walk 5k race!! (It's the free t-shirt I want too!)

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tommie said...

Yeah, you totally CAN'T count last summer. That was before the neighbor's pool, and we used to hover around Will and Livi's little blow up one!

You go girl, I don't know how you do it!