Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Normally our Fourths have always been celebrated with a parade in down town Bangor, ME .. and then fireworks in Bar Harbor... so this year was quite different .. it even started different! Anthony surprised me with a (PINK)tennis racket, and then challenged me to a game of tennis. We live behind the high school, and every day when we take the dogs for a walk we always make a comment about playing tennis. I played tennis when I was in junior high .. and then maybe again a little when I lived with my sister in the middle eighties ... so needless to say, it's been well over 20 years! So, at 9:30 AM with 86 degree temps .. we played tennis. I remembered again why it was enjoyable to play .. hopefully it is something that will become part of the cardio workout.

We were going to spend the afternoon and evening with our neighbors A & R .. by special request I had to make Jack Daniels Pie .. If you are ever at Texas Land and Cattle, get their Jack Daniel's Pie dessert .. it is sinfully delicious. There they make it in oval "single" serve (more like double serve .. depending on your mood for the day!)bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is rich and the chocolate comes out all melty (is that a word??) and it is absolutely delicious.

So, for our Fourth, we spent it with good neighbors .. once again T you were missed!! We met a few new people .. all the kids swam in the oasis pool.. margaritas were served ... LOTS of food ... all in all as much as I missed our traditional Fourth celebration, this was a good day!

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tommie said...

makes me miss y'all all the more! That flag shot is cool.