Sunday, July 20, 2008

Italian night in Texas ..

You know summer is here when you cruise down our street and you can see kids on bikes, skate boards, scooters .. adults in chairs holding beverages. Okay .. so here in Texas our "summers" may start in April and last through September ... but truly we don't all come out until school vacation starts. This summer has been a little different ... one of our neighbors had wonderful insight to build an Oasis backyard .. AND share it with all of us! So, this weekend, the theme was Italian ... we all had to bring something Italian to eat ..
Plenty of food and plenty of fun ..

Volleyball is a must ..

and lounge chairs .. ahhh..

Plenty of food ...

And some maybe got carried away????

All in all .. a great day spent with wonderful neighbors, good food and tons of fun that lasted through the night! (T: you are missed!!!!!!)

Thank you R and A for yet another wonderful day in your Oasis backyard!


tommie said...

Just call me Kermit, because you know I am green with envy! I miss hangin' out and chillin'.

PS, did the people who bought my house come?

Brandt! said...

No .. they didn't come .. out of town.

wornloafers said...

Hi, A's oasis looks cool! Wish I were there! K