Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project Black

One of my favorite things with blogging is the amount of photography challenges there are. Anna had one about colors.. and this time it was called "Project Black". I have been going around taking pictures, and when I went to check her site out (her pictures are very, very cool!), project black was over. HOWEVER, I still wanted to post some of the black, so .. if you had to describe a few of my favorite things in black pictures here they are..Hopefully I can catch Anna in September. (check out her blog ..)

Dragonflies remind me of kayaking ... whenever Julie and I used to go kayaking, dragonflies would land on our kayaks ... I love watching them .... have you ever seen a black dragonfly?? Must be a Texas thing!!

My cellphone ... my lifeline! (****when we were in Maine for those 11 weeks .. we didn't have TV, phone or Internet ...a little secret? My phone is a smart phone .... I had Internet... but don't tell the kids!!!!! Teenagers without TV and Internet: priceless!!****)

This camera was purchased December 1993 .. we were expecting our first baby and had decided not to invest in a camcorder, but in a super, duper, state-of-the-art Olympus. This was definitely a worthy buy ... alas, the summer we moved here to Texas, my favorite camera died. However, there is always a reason why things happen the way they do ... and so digital cameras came into the picture .. (no pun!) ..

Black, high heels .. The benefits to living in Texas is that we do not have to wear nylons (panty hose, hosiery .. pick which one you like to call it!) and therefore, I was introduced to "peek toe" shoes! I love them .. move over Imelda!



tommie said...

that dragongly looks like it is on a roof....have you been climbing on the roof after that party that involved the straws in the adult beverages?

I almost called you again today. Dang if I don't miss TX....not the freaking heat, but y'all!

Brandt! said...

It helps when your husband is tall .. I cheated!
You can call anytime!!