Sunday, July 27, 2008

There is Beauty in Dead ...

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I know it is not Friday, but I still wanted to participate in PSF ..

Let me start by saying that I have been spoiled by the beauty of Maine. I took for granted the mountains and the lakes we have ... and when we went for our hikes in Acadia and Baxter State Park, or the paddling at Abol Bridge .. I didn't always stop and admire the beauty... NOT until I came here. (Although I did ALWAYS admire Mt. Katahdin .. which, btw, is my most favorite place to be ..)

We live in the middle of Texas .. not a lot of beauty .. however, as one of our affirmations at work states .. "there is beauty all around us, I will open the eyes of my soul and embrace it ..." in my further quest to "love life .." I try very hard to find the beauty in the things we see around us. A couple of months ago we went on a hike during Spring break. I stopped to take pictures of the shrubbery around us, when my loving son said "Mom ... what are you taking a picture of?! Everything is DEAD!" .. Well, to try and keep a positive note with all the dead that surrounded us, I said "There is beauty in dead .." {click, click .. as the shutter kept going ..} "OMG" as he rolled his eyes (did I mention he is 14??) .. "it's all dead!" ... "yes,I know it is all dead .. there is character in dead ..." {click, click} ..... I am sure he had more facial contortions that I would want to be aware of .. my focus was in the 2.5 inch LCD screen .. probably safer that way!!

Last year, Central Texas had a lot of rain .. so much so that Stillhouse Hollow Lake suffered major flooding. (check out pictures of The Flood of 2007 ) Every Sunday (well .. almost every Sunday!) we try and take the dogs out for their run and their swim. We take them along a trail around the lake, and often times there are openings for them to jump into the water and swim around. Today I decided to take the camera, because each time we go I am always astounded by the amount of "dead" ...

Here is to beauty in dead! Happy Sunday!!


Cecily R said...

I love your perspective and the way you are choosing to see things. Beautiful.

Thanks for participating in PSF...even if it is Sunday. :)

tommie said...

Those are should start a black and white wall.