Saturday, July 26, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday!

At two minutes past midnight, my cell phone indicated that I had received a text message .... grumpily I mumbled "who would send a text at midnight??" .. only to see "OMG, it's my birthday!" . Now I know why my daughter has over 8000 text messages in a month ... sleeping in the same house .. she has to let me know that it is her birthday! (I really didn't need any reminding ... all the calendars in the house have self created artwork on this date .. ..EVEN at my work she took the liberty to write "Aletta's 13th birthday - do not erase" !)
This is my girl .. she makes a statement without effort. Clearly her motto should be "watch out world .. I have arrived!"

Last year, she was helping me look for a quote, when she said "Life does not wait for you to be ready.." .. so I said "ahh...that's a good one, who are you quoting?" and she said .. "me .. I just said it .." you see her lively personality?

.... if the last 13 years have been this fun and interesting ... I can't wait for the next 13!! (NOT that I am rushing things!!)

I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures ...

This picture was taken in Old Orchard Beach, Maine .. her first ice cream cone.

When the firemen came and visited the Kindergarten classroom ..

Many summers spent at Abol Bridge ...
The rocket she built ... (usually she takes things apart .. rather than build them)

today ...
There is never a dull moment when she is around .. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALETTA ... I love the craziness that you continuously bring into my life!

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tommie said...

happy birthday to your sweet little girl! I do hope her birthday wish comes true....unless it is an Iphone with unlimited texts. Just kidding, you know I love that girl!